100 Women Empowerment Program Sponsors

Women Entrepreneurs Empowering 100 Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Three elements of the sponsorship program:

  • Being featured in the Magazine: Empowered Women in Business
  • Supporting the 100 women empowerment project
  • Making an impact by being a community builder

100 Women Empowerment Program Sponsors

100 Women Empowerment Project was developed by the Entrepreneur Empowerment Club ( EEC) to help women who are professionals and makers become financially independent by teaching them new business skills.

100 Women Empowerment Project details:

  • One Year Program to teach 100 women business skills
  • Classes and Workshops for learning and implementation
  • Mentoring and peer support and accountability to ensure individual progress
  • Skill assessment through the program to keep them on track for reaching their $1000 monthly income goal.

Who should Sponsor the 100 Women Empowerment Project:

Successful Entrepreneurs and professional women who are community builders with a mission to empower women to become financially independent.

100 Women Empowerment Project Sponsorship

Who should Sponsor the 100 Women Empowerment Project:

Successful Entrepreneurs and professional women who are community builders with a mission to empower women to become financially independent.

In exchange for your support of the program, you will be featured in Empowered Women in Business Magazine, giving you visibility, and credibility, being distinguished, and showing your market your passion to be a community builder. In Magzine, you can share your story and attract your ideal clients by displaying your unique business values and philosophy.

How to Get Involved:

Support the 100 Women Empowerment Project kickstart by attending group zoom call, Invitation to attend the graduation of 100 Women Empowerment Project.

Empowered Women in Business

Required items for the Magazine:

  • High-resolution headshot + One Business Photo (in-action)
  • Video interview/ Article 500 words (Written for You) 

Program Investment:

$1000- one time fee covers Magazine feature and support of one woman in the 100 Women Entrepreneurs Program.

Mohammad Bashir - Magazine Publisher, Creator of 100 Women Entrepreneur Project​

  • CEO & Founder of “Entrepreneur Empowerment Club”
  • “Getting New Clients” Strategist
  • A proven entrepreneur who helped online businesses grow from zero to multi-million dollars within a couple of years
  • Managed 4+ international digital magazines, Billionaire Mentor Magazine
  • Google Ads Certified Specialist, managing Google Ads with ad spend budget of $120K USD annually
  • Community builder, helping nonprofits to attract donors supporting their mission

Mohammad Bashir - Personal Story

I grew up in Pakistan and came to Canada in 2000 to have a better education and more career opportunities. I volunteered in the Canadian Newcomer program to support people to find jobs to begin their life in a new country.

The people I coached could see from my experience what was possible. And they were able to become successful and find gainful employment.

This ignited in me a passion for helping people to find hope in a new place. Many of these people were from Pakistan and they were grateful to find someone who understood them and their culture.

In 2015, I supported a nonprofit organization, the Global Social Entrepreneur Foundation, which helps entrepreneurs earn money online using their skills on Fiverr and other online platforms. This inspired me to continue supporting entrepreneurs with collaboration, connections, and business community building.

In 2018, I started the Entrepreneur Empowerment Club and also launched a 30 Day Kamaupoot Challenge for Pakistani entrepreneurs who wanted to do a business startup or expand their brand. In this successful challenge, everyone reached their business goals within 30 days.

This further ignited my passion for helping entrepreneurs.

Following my passion has led me to create the 100 Women Empowerment Project Which will help 100 Pakistani Women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Your sponsorship will help to make this happen.

“Doing Good While Doing Business”