100 Women Empowerment Program


  • One Year Program to teach 100 women business skills
  • Classes and Workshops for learning and implementation
  • Mentoring and peer support and accountability to ensure individual progress motivated to do more with their skills and talents
  • Skill assessment through the program to keep them on track for reaching their $1000 monthly income goal.

women who benefit:

  • Are working FT and PT, but want to work FT in their own business
  • Want financial freedom
  • Want the freedom to spend time with their families/children
  • Are motivated to do more with their skills and talents
  • See a better future for themselves and their families
  • Have marketable, saleable skillsets and want to increase their income
  • Have proven their value in the marketplace with repeat customers
  • Are tenacious, determined, and patient
  • Understand financial matters

Characteristics/Personality Traits:

  • Show up and do the work

  • Never give up, always trying to do better.

  • Willig to be supported and coachable


  • Skills: video editing, graphics design, Copy Writing, website design, tech person for eCommerce for other companies as Virtual Assistant, or their own trades skills ( for example Baking, lunchbox/catering )

Level of Proficiency:

  • Level of thought process or vision

  • Masters level of Education

  • Have Minimal Viable Product/service

  • Networks, Connections, Resources

Program Director and Instructor:

Mohammad Bashir

Program Schedule:

  • Weekly instruction Class: 2 hours/week

  • Daily Live Support: 90 minutes/day

  • All Meetings will be held on Zoom

  • Start Date: May 15th, 2021