Prepare for Your Guest Appearance
on the Entrepreneur Empowerment Show

Your Host, Muhammad Bashir, is from Toronto Canada. His credentials are: Global Social Media Authority Mass Publicity Influencer Founder of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Club Global Magazine Publisher Creator of the Five-Step System to Enroll New Clients Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, Host of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Show. ​


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Entrepreneur Empowerment Show - 15 Minutes Interview Questions

(after post-production, the show will be 8 minutes maximum)

Opening and Introduction by Host (Bashir)

1- Where were you, what happened, who were you surrounded with, that inspired you to do what you do today – Your Life Story ( ~2 minutes)

2- What are the top 3 Mistakes to AVOID in ______________ based on your own experience (~2 min )

3- What is your GREATEST Failure Story, What did you learn and how did you recover from it? (~2 min)

4- What are your top 3 success secrets that others can model from (~2 min )

1- What is the most impactful business book you have read and what did you learn from it?
(MUST: Please have that book READY to show the cover on camera & few lines in 20 seconds).
2- What You Want to Do when you grow up?
(Your next 5-10 years vision, objective, mission to FOCUS on in 15 Seconds).
3- Who is your ideal client? (15 seconds) 
4- Who is Your Living Mentor and what is the impact? (15 seconds)
5- How do you overcome Challenge Life throws at you? (15 seconds)
6- What Are You Grateful For Today? (15 Seconds)
7- What do you want to be remembered for? (15 seconds)
8- How Do You Start Your Day? (15 seconds)
9- Why is being Impactful Important to you? (15 seconds)
10- What is the advice you would give to younger yourself? (15 seconds)
11- Once you have a revenue-generating idea, how do you convince your significant other? (15 seconds)

12- How can we support you? ( 30 Seconds), sharing your website and contact info
13- What would you say about your guest experience on the show?
14- What would you say as a final word? ( 30 seconds or less)

Closing by Host (Bashir 5 Seconds)

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About Your Host

Mohammad Bashir from Toronto Canada is a Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, Founder of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Club, Global Magazine Publisher, Creator of the Five-Step System to Enroll New Clients Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, the host of  Entrepreneur Empowerment Show