Five Step System to Enroll New Clients

For Successful Thought Leaders who want to achieve more...

Our Proven Process for creating a steady stream of new business opportunities is only a call away...

The Five Step System to Enroll New Clients is a powerful process in which you leverage your current thought leadership position to create a greater impact. The foundation for this system is a portfolio of professionally designed, written and published global magazines.

Using the system, your thought leadership status will increase because you will:

  • Generate additional authority, influence, and visibility by being featured in a global prestigious magazine
  • Benefit from being globally marketed in both digital and print versions of the magazines
  • Engage a global audience who will be attracted to your thought leadership body of work




An Accelerated Approach to New Client Engagements

In the proven process of our Five Step System to Enroll New Clients , we address the issues that Thought Leaders face in expanding their authority and influence. This system generates a steady stream of new business opportunities to give you access to larger audiences and stages, and open doors that have been previously closed to you. This accelerated approach focuses on optimizing your current Thought Leadership position and leverages our proven methodology and system to create a spring board for new, larger Client Engagements.

A Proven Methodology & System

Client Success Story

"...I'm very pleased with the services that Mohammad has provided our organization. He is extremely professional and qualified to help our expand our client based. I've never found a "Getting New Clients" Strategist who is as qualified and dedicated to helping that process more than Mohammad's Team. I'm extremely happy and willing to promote Mohammad's Five Step System to Enroll New Clients to anybody who wants to expand their business."
Phil Johnson
Founder and CEO of the Master of Business Leadership Program
"...Through his five Step System to Enroll New Clients, Bashir has been sending me highly qualified prospects, who are easy to convert as clients. His process is seamless and brings results. When needed, his team also follow-up with the prospects to increase the conversion rate. Through this unique process, Bashir has generated many highly qualified prospects for me, and I have been able successfully to meet with the prospects and enroll them in my programs. If you are interested in growing your business and want a steady stream of qualified prospects, talk to Bashir. I can highly recommend him."
Ulrike Berzau
MM, MHS, PT, FACHE, Business and Mind Strategies®


Founder of the Entrepreneur Empowerment Club Global Magazine Publisher Creator of the Five Step System to Enroll New Clients ​

Mohammad Bashir, known as Bashir, has been an International Internet Marketing Specialist for over 20 years. He is the  CEO & Founder of  the “Entrepreneur Empowerment Club” which introduces Thought Leaders to a wide variety of industry and corporate c-suit business opportunities.

Bashir is also known as a: 

  • “Getting New Clients” Strategist
  • Proven entrepreneur who helped online businesses grow from zero to a multi-million dollars within a couple of years
  • Managed 4+ international digital magazines, Billionaire Mentor Magazine
  • Google Ads Certified Specialist, managing Google Ads with ad spend budget of $120K USD annually
  • Community builder, helping nonprofits to attract donors supporting their mission



Professionals We Serve

  • Thought Leaders
  • NYT Best Selling Authors
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Industry Experts

Common Attributes

  • Have Intellectual Property/ Body of Work
  • Have been Published/ Best Seller Status
  • Sought After Speaker/TED Talks
  • Influencers/Opinion Maker
  • Operates with Global Network
  • Wants to make a Global Impact with their work
  • Community Builder/Supporting local and global missions


  • Client conversations resulting in immediate new revenue
  • Keynote speaking requests to present on global stages
  • Opportunities to collaborate on new initiatives with other thought leaders
  • Requests to join high-level networks
  • Steady stream of new client business opportunities
  • Increase global impact and lasting legacy
  • Research done by International Institution of Higher Education to validate their Body of Work
"The key to rapid success as a preeminent business is to fall in love with your clients."

Jay Abraham - $ 21.7 Billion Dollar Man
How we can work together:
The Risk Reversal Model

The Risk Reversal Model is a unique opportunity for Thought Leaders to Leverage this business growth strategy without putting operating capital and cashflow at risk. 
In this model, your payments for the Five Step System to Enroll New Clients are linked to meeting new revenue targets. After your initial investment, you only pay when you reach new revenue milestones. In essence, the Risk Reversal Model is a self-funding program.

This means you have mitigated the risk and cost of business growth and can use your working capital in other areas of your business to ensure sustainability and continued growth.



Your Visibility Partner